Boys names

  • Newt (Inspired by The Maze Runner) - short for Newton, "New Town"
  •  Minho (Inspired by The Maze Runner) - not sure of meaning
  • Baelfire (Inspired by Once upon a time) - not sure of meaning
  •  Noel (Inspired by Pretty little liars) - christmas
  • Hunter (Inspired by Paranormal Activity - hunter
  • Seth (Inspired by The O.C) - placed, appointed
  • Elliot (Inspired by E.T) - bravery, boldly, truly.
  • Melvin (Inspired by Cirkeln) - strong friend.
  • Romeo (Inspired by Romeo and Juliet) - "a pilgrim to rome"

Girls names

  • Ronja (Inspired by Ronja Rövardotter) - not sure of meaning
  • Lydia (Inspired by Teen Wolf) - "from lydia"
  • Primrose (Inspired by The Hunger Games) - the first rose
  • Riley (Inspired by student in the us) - rye clearing
  • Skyler (Don't remember inspiration) - associated with "Tyler" which comes from "sky"
  • Skylynn (Inspired by Nash Grier's little sister) -  not sure of meaning
  • Chrystal (Inspired by actress Chrystal Reed) - from greek meaning "ice"
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